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Founded in 1984, RANGER Excavating has become the largest and most sophisticated earthwork contractor in Texas and one of the largest in the southern United States.

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RANGER has the most modern equipment fleet in Texas and is the only logical choice for the largest and most complex projects.

Circuit of the Americas - Austin, TX

Circuit of the Americas - Austin - November 2012

RANGER performed approximately 4,100,000 CY cut and fill onsite and imported 940,000 CY of select fill for use under the track. The track earthwork was completed to an exacting spec due to zero tolerance for differential movement. The track is now recognized as one of the best in the world and just held its second Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

Amazon Distribution - Schertz, TX

Amazon - Schertz - November 2012

The 1,650,000 SF building pad was the critical path on this project. It consisted of 540,000 CY of undercut and moisture-conditioned fill and a 75,000 CY crushed limestone cap. RANGER beat every milestone for the phased turnover of the building pad by several weeks. Total onsite cut and fill was 785,000 CY.

Turlington Mine

New Mine Development - Turlington - November 2010

RANGER is responsible for the site development of a new lignite mine in Northeast Texas. Activities include constructing a dragline walkway, 4.5 mile haulroad, county road relocations, sediment ponds and diversions, and overburden removal. RANGER will have moved more than 4 million CY.

Water Treatment Plant #4 - Austin, TX

Water Treatment Plant #4 - Austin - December 2011

RANGER has multiple contracts for the mass excavation and structural grading for both the main plant site and the Raw Water Pump Station. The plant is being constructed in some of the hardest rock in Austin and in an environmentally sensitive area.

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